Comparing Begait, Hararghe Highland and Somali Goat Productivity and Production for Better Utilization, Ethiopia


Ethiopia has the largest livestock population in the Africa. The total goat population of the country is estimated to be about 24.06 million (CSA, 2013). The production coverage of goats is almost distributed to all agro ecological zone/regions of the country (ESGPIP, 2008). The country has good goat production potential and the product of goat like: milk, meat and skin are valued commodities (ESGPIP, 2008) Produces currently about 1,128 metric tons (MT) of meat. In the country indigenous breeds constitute over 99.77% of the production breeds (CSA, 2013). Performance of indigenous goat breeds of Ethiopia is highly variable between different management systems. They are characterized by their low production, adaptable to harsh environment and resistance to disease (ESGPIP, 2008). The shortage of production environment, concurrent drought, disease, misuse of breed are the other contributing factors for their low productivity for Ethiopian indigenous local breed next to the genetics factors. The breed performance level to survive in extreme environment has remarkable difference among the breed, however most of them are characterized as extreme environment tolerant. They are genetically good enough to posses’ unique genetic traits to survive in harsh environment